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Fun Fact:  your dentist actually recommends replacing your toothbrush every three months!

They’ll also tell you that a shiny new toothbrush, like this one right here, is the best thing for your teeth (not to mention the nicest to use).

Toothbrush bristles wear down, fill up with bacteria, and generally become less effective over time.

So we thought, "imagine if it was affordable and sustainable to treat our teeth to a fresh brush every month."


Tara K.

I have always stressed the importance of taking care your teeth to my 3 boys. Receiving monthly bundles helps them to maintain good habits by consistently reminding them to use these great products to maintain strong, clean and white teeth!


I was so excited when I got this packages free I used this toothbrush my teeth felt so clean I’ve been using other manual brushes for so long but not one that works as good as this one. I loved that I got a little bundle along with it. I highly recommended buying a bundle from here!

Connie M.

My daughter's were so excited to get their bundles in the mail!! We opened them right up! The toothpaste tasted yummy ? the lip balm was a hit and the brushes themselves are a perfect size for little mouths. Thank You!!!

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