Bacteria, decay and rotting.  Most people think that sugar causes cavities.  While yes, sugar does contribute to cavities, more importantly the bacteria in our mouths contribute exponentially to cavities.  

As a hygienist of many years, I have seen numerous children with their parents.  The child has cavities, and the mom or dad always says, "my child doesn't eat sugar".  While we can pretend that this may or may not be true, the fact of the matter is that cavities don't come from sugar alone.  Also, sugar is a carbohydrate that can derive from many other sources.

What are carbohydrates?  

Carbohydrates not only nourish you, but also the cavity-causing bacteria that lurks in your mouth. The bacterium thrives on the presence of carbohydrates, subsequently creating an acidic environment in your mouth. The presence of this acid is dangerous to tooth enamel, and can begin to erode your teeth… The first steps towards tooth decay.

What foods contain carbohydrates that eventually turn into sugars?

  • whole-grain cereals
  • brown rice
  • whole-grain breads
  • fruits
  • vegetables
  • low-fat dairy

These foods include cereals, crackers, juice, many things that are labeled "healthy" for kids.  


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